How long does therapy usually last?

Each session lasts 50 minutes, unless agreed upon otherwise. I am a solutions focused therapist and do not believe in the traditional model of therapy, which can leave clients in treatment for a lifetime. The length of treatment can vary greatly depending on your needs, but I believe in working together to achieve your goals as fast as is comfortable for you.

How often should we meet?

Research suggests that weekly therapy is best. However, I strongly believe that everyone is unique with their unique needs. We will discuss how often we would like to meet when setting goals for treatment. I typically like to start weekly and discuss decreasing frequency as we progress in our relationship.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Life can bring about unexpected events, so I offer a sliding scale to my clients for a short term. We would agree upon an expected end date for the sliding scale to terminate, as well as a sliding scale rate. I do not offer sliding scale on a permanent basis.

Do you only work with LGBTQ/Queer people?

No. Often times LGBTQ/Queer people may find it difficult to find an affirming and knowledgable therapist, so I want to stress that I can provide that service. However, much of my work has also been with clients who do not identify in that way.

What is the free consultation session?

When you complete the contact form, I will reach out to you to either engage in or schedule a free consultation session. This is a way for us to spend a few minutes to ask each other questions and see if we might be a good fit. My number one priority is your success, so this will allow me to refer you to a colleague if I do not believe I have enough training to help you achieve your specific goals.