Therapy Office

Why Work With Me?

As someone who has been in therapy themselves, which I believe is important for therapists to do, I understand the challenges of finding the right fit in a therapeutic relationship. Too often, you can get lost in the black holes of sites like Psychology Today getting lost in a sea of profiles and too often not ever hearing back from clinicians you've reached out to for support. To help you figure out whether you and I would work well together, I have come up with a list of reasons why clients might choose to work with me.

Top Ten Reasons To Work With Me For Therapy

  1. I provide teletherapy via HIPAA compliant Zoom. We all lead busy lives, so this will allow you to have easier access to services. It also prevents any barriers to you if you move within state lines during our relationship, such as for college.

  2. I primarily utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. CBT allows you the skills to take back control of your life. This approach may allow you to feel better faster. Find out more about CBT here.

  3. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessessing (EMDR). This can help to process old traumatic events or other challenging events that have left you with difficult thoughts and feelings. Find out more about EMDR here.

  4. I am open about the therapy process and what I am thinking or feeling in the therapy session. I don’t think therapy should be a mystery.

  5. I am known by my clients to use metaphors to make your feelings feel more tangible to understand when you aren't able to find the words to put to them. This also helps to help you understand how you might move forward by taking yourself out of the equation for a moment. I also like to make sure that although therapy is work, it is still fun and not so heavy all the time. 

  6. I am a LGBTQ therapist. Although I don't often share my personal experiences with my clients, I have an understand how many who are also queer feel when laws and other traumas impact our community at large. It also means you will not have to explain most cultural references to me. I'm familiar with references of PTown, Fire Island or The Dunes, I know the queer spaces and understand the ways in which our hookup and dating culture looks a bit different, I know our language and slang and understand the fears of our rights being revoked. 

  7. I have worked with all kinds of clients and have particular experience working with queer folks, as well as those in non monogamous and kink-friendly relationships.

  8. I like working with clients whom are motivated for care and want to work towards graduating from our time together. Many therapists may have a financial incentive to keep you in treatment, but I want to see you succeed as quickly we feel is comfortable to start living the life you want to live. Many clients tell me my approach is helpful, as they have found the "typical" approach daunting. I will never terminate our relationship if you don't feel you are ready, but I have found most of my clients are able to feel they've reached their goals within 1 year due to my mindful approach. 

  9. I am a very open minded clinician, who is not afraid to talk about anything. I work with clients who discuss BDSM/kink topics. There is no conversation I will stray away from and want to encourage you to discuss anything that would be helpful for you to reach your goals. 

  10. I am a feminist, anti-racist therapist aware of how different kinds of oppression affect our lives. I am able to help you put you problems in the context of larger societal issues you are facing such as sexism, racism, ageism, and homophobia.